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    Image-Analysis for Biologists

    This is the landing page for ZIDAS - SwitZerland's Image and Data Analysis School.

    So far, we have held six summer-schools (see below) and more are planned.

  • ZIDAS 2024 - Zurich


    23rd - 28th June 2024


    We are happy to announce that this year's edition will be in person in Zurich. We are looking forward to an interesting and inspiring week of bio-image analysis.


    Best regards from the

    Organizing team  


  • About the School

    An intensive summer-course in image analysis for life-scientist.

    Using open-source tools and emphasising reproducibility.

    The What, Who, and Why

    What it is: A focused one-week school providing hands-on introductions to image processing and analysis, with priority given to biologically relevant examples. Students learn the fundamentals of image analysis, including basic macro programming in ImageJ/Fiji as well as other software solutions. By the end of the course all students have practical working knowledge of how to attack image analysis problems.


    Content: 1) Lectures on image processing interspersed with hands-on demonstrations and exercises. 2) Special topics: Machine learning, Super-resolution, stitching, high-volume data, deconvolution, co-localisation, tracking, image-ethics. 3) Hands-on experience: Students are expected to bring their own data and try out the presented tools with the help of the trainers. 4) Talks: Invited speakers, from Switzerlnad and beyond, presenting work that requires image analysis.


    Participants: The target group is from the life-sciences: PhD and master students, staff scientist, postdocs, and professors, from Switzerland and beyond. As funding allows, a few travel grants will be made available for external participants. Overall 25 students accepted to allow effective tutoring.


    Teachers: Didactically outstanding trainers from e.g. ETH Zurich, EPFL, Biozentrum and FMI Basel, University of Basel, EMBL Heidelberg, MPI-CBG Dresden, University College London, University of Edinburgh, IBMP-CNRS Strasbourg, Uni Carlos III Madrid, SciLifeLab Uppsala, and the wider NEUBIAS. Speakers will be invited from across Switzerland and Europe.


    Motivation & Background: There is a continued need for researchers in the life sciences to know how to handle their image data and this is typically not covered in their curricula. This school addresses this need.


    History (name change): 

    • 2017-2019: Zurich Image and Data Analysis School.
    • 2020 onwards: SwitZerland's Image and Data Analysis School.
  • Previous Editions

    Links to webpages from former schools, with program, trainers, speakers, etc

    ZIDAS2017 participants on top of ETH

    16th - 21st July 2023, Lausanne, Switzerland

    ZIDAS2017 participants on top of ETH

    10th - 15th July 2022, Lausanne, Switzerland

    ZIDAS 2021, still hiding from COVID

    27th September-1st October 2021, Switzerland (online)

    ZIDAS2020 participants (some of them) in ZOOM

    29th June-3rd July, Lausanne, Switzerland (online)

    ZIDAS2019 participants on top of ETH

    18th - 23rd June 2019, Zurich, Switzerland

    ZIDAS2018 participants on top of ETH

    19th - 24th June 2018, Zurich, Switzerland

    ZIDAS2017 participants on top of ETH

    16th - 20th October 2017, Zurich, Switzerland

  • Current and past Support and Endorsements

    This school was created by ScopeM-IDA staff, co-organized with BIOP, University of Basel, and FMI for Biomedical Research staff, powered by NEUBIAS trainers, and supported by EXCITE.

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